Sunday, March 02, 2008

Cum, and get your cookies

The ominous cookies in question

I walked happily out of the college canteen having purchased my hot chocolate and cookies for only £1. A quick scan of area soon located my classmates around a table so I walked over to join them. I settled myself into an available seat, removed the top off my hot chocolate and began to open the wrapper on the cookies.

While eating the first of four cookies and sipping my drink, I listened to the others talking about the lesson. It didn’t take long to consume two cookies, and still hungry (since this is breakfast and lunch!) I pulled another out of the wrapper. As the cookie moved towards my mouth I suddenly noticed the manufactures name ‘OtisSPUNKmeyer’ across the packet. My eyes then shifted to the cookie directly in front of me, with its white lumps glaring at me!

A snort of laughter soon had everyone looking at me with intrigue. Trying to not be too childish about it I showed them my discovery and thankfully they all burst into hysterics too. Some commented on how they wouldn’t be able to eat the biscuits after discovering that, but before I could stop myself I said “They don’t taste salty!” More hysterics followed, but I could now feel my face going a nice shade of red after that remark.

Interestingly I wasn’t even looking for humour today – It found me! Maybe I have missed my calling as a circus clown?


Dan said...

Nah your feet arent big enough ;-)

Time Travelers Wife said...

You sure? I think a pair of red size 20s would go really well with a check shirt and my old purple maternity pants. May have to consider a bushy perm too?

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