Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Another Blog

For some reason I had the idea that starting another blog about being an immature mature student would be a good idea, even though I haven't kept ths one up-to-date?

Oh well (shoulder shrug) here's the link...


Wednesday, May 06, 2009

My middle chicken has pox!


Although she calls it chicken pops. Get well soon Bex xx

Sunday, April 05, 2009

I think I prefer snoring!

One morning I awoke to an uncomfortable wet feeling around my back. I sat up horrified, thinking I must have pissed myself whilst asleep! Quickly leaping out of bed, I muttered to myself and removed my wet clothes. As I did Dan appeared from the en-suite giggling so I started feeling really embarrassed and began trying to explain, when he piped up “It was me!” followed by hysterics.

It turned out he was having one of those dreams about peeing and then awoke to find he was not peeing in the toilet as his dream portrayed, but still lying in bed, pushed up to my back and wetting himself!

After being slightly miffed that he was going to let me take the blame, and for peeing on me! I decided that revenge would be sweeter posting his accident on here!

Friday, March 27, 2009


Bubble Brain.

I went to college as usual today, fairly nervous since I was under the impression I had a presentation to well...present! I thought maybe I could miss it in the knowledge I had to leave early today for an opticians appointment.

It turns out we didn’t have to actually present the posters, as the class just assessed it themselves and completed a form for the tutor, so after that was done we continued with the lesson. While the tutor rattled on about inheritance I continually watched the clock. Eventually she said we could go for a break, so I took my chance and asked to be excused for the rest of the lesson to attend an appointment. (Of course I didn’t tell her it was an optician’s appointment as that just sounds like a lame excuse to get away from class!).

I merrily drove back to Gosport, parked up in the car park and wandered off down the high street. The time was mid day and my appointment wasn’t until 12:25 so I popped into Costa Coffee for a Caramel Latte and Chocolate Muffin (just to add to the already huge arse!).

Fifteen minutes later I wandered back down the High street and into the opticians. I sat and waited while the man served an older gentleman. I gazed around the room, trying not to listen to the sales man telling the older gentleman that he has big ears but nowhere to hold his glasses...honestly!

To distract me bursting into laughter which would prove I was ear wigging, I decided to pull out my appointment card and look over it. As I opened the little blue booklet I read down the information which read Mrs Loveridge, 12:25 on 3rd April 2009.

I placed the card back in my bag, got up, walked out and back down the high street to the car.
My appointment wasn’t until next week!!!!

Another similar incident occurred on Tuesday when I went to attend a parents’ evening at Katie’s school only to be told it wasn’t this Tuesday it is next Tuesday...Twice in one week is not a good sign!!

Forget air miles...I want to claim Land Miles!

My arse has barely left the driving seat of the Ford Mondeo these last few weeks* – Not because I’m a lazy shit, but because I’ve been travelling all over the country to check out possible Universities for September.

Three weeks ago I drove 266 miles to and from Canterbury Christ Church University for an Open Day. Two weeks ago I drove 146 miles to and from Oxford Brookes for a Visit Day, and last week I drove 240 miles back to Kent to visit Kent University for another Open day. I could at this point bore you to tears about the ins and outs of the trips, but it really wasn’t that exciting and I have forgotten most of the conversions with myself (and one sided conversations with other motorists), the car and the radio. Plus I didn’t get lost once, which really surprised me!

I still have two more Universities to visit, Portsmouth and Brighton. The later I’m not really bothered with, after a rather horrific day in the City (which can be backed up by Mum); I’m not sure why I choose it at all really? I am however looking forward to visiting Portsmouth as it turns out a friend from college is doing the same course and we have a good laugh normally so that could be fun.

Meanwhile the college have been bombarding me (and the rest of the students of course) with exams and coursework. Last week I had to content with a Chemistry exam on everything we had (supposedly) learned over the last two terms, this being enthalpy, order of reactions, Equilibrium, bonding, and calculating the number of moles in a compound and solution just to name a few. I managed to pass with 53%, which is apparently a high C...go figure? Not that I should be complaining since it helped me pass. The tutor commented on my paper saying he was expecting a higher grade. I felt a quite disappointed at myself at that point until he said “You answered all the harder questions correct, but got the easier ones wrong!” I wasn’t disappointed anymore, just kicking myself for stupid mistakes! (Mental note – never correct your first instinct answers as they will most likely be correct!)

This week I have been creating a model of a DNA strand in the thought that I would be presenting it to the class in an assessed oral exam. It turns out they just get a piece of paper and mark you on what they think – this could have proved a problem for me as I just scribbled notes for the speech on the board and didn’t take it too seriously: for instance I drew a picture of a pair of Jeans to represent Genes, an arrow pointing to the plinth holding the model saying “Wood” and a small note at the bottom of the page saying “Don’t forget – Easter holidays 3rd -17th April”. The class found it amusing but I’m not sure what the tutor will make of it?

And that’s about it in a nutshell so far...no doubt there will be humorous bus antics to follow after the Portsmouth university visit day – I actually miss that now I can drive to college

*And it’s beginning to show having split my pants while bending over to put some cookies in the oven the other night!!

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